WOW–I’m a blogger, now!

That was easy…all of the sudden I’m a blogger!


Suddenly, I have nothing to say. Hmmmm….

I guess, I’ll start by showing you the quilted growth chart I made for my new little nephew, Baby G, born November 19, 2007. It’s made to match his nursery decor. ( I’ve been asked to write this up into a pattern…maybe one day.)

Welcome to my blog! Please come again!


2 thoughts on “WOW–I’m a blogger, now!

  1. Wow! The first comment! I will add you to my google reader. You are much more than a Quilt artist though, you have many talents, don’t sell yourself short.

  2. Welcome to blogland, Doris. I’m loving your banner and the rest of the quilt. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.So, how are you doing on your diet? LOL!

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