I MISSED National Quilting Day?!?

I found out this morning that I missed National Quilting Day (March 15) this weekend. Well, okay, I didn’t *miss* it, I did pass the day, and have memories of it and all…I actually spent it with my Mom and 11 year-old niece, going to Pursuing Picasso, a paint-your-own-pottery place ( I should have had a camera to capture our “masterpieces”) having pizza and dessert pizza, and just hanging out. I’ll make up for the Nat’l Quilting Day slight tonight and this weekend! ;->

This is the quilt I designed and made in the month of December, and the reason I didn’t get any of my “smaller” projects done. Okay, I started cutting it on November 30th… It’s for a friend who loves outdoors activities including canoeing & kayaking (hence the “Crossed Canoes” block). It’s at the long-arm quilter right now–that’s right, it was a Christmas gift, which was wrapped up and given, albeit in pieces–that will now be a post-Easter gift. LOL. At the top of the photo is my assistant, Maggy, always there to lend a paw…

Here is a close-up of the block and sashing. I did it with paper-piecing. It’s entirely made of batiks, (My favorite!).

And, of course, I had to design a border to bring the entire “outdoors” theme together! The binding will be the same fabric as the wide mottled border shown here, the back is a green batik. It’s queen size, and I think it turned out lovely–if I do say so myself! Can’t wait to see what Sue the quilter did with it!



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