Poodles and Pugs and Mutts, oh My!

Some of my biggest fans are my littlest ones. I get together with my siblings for a “Family Night” once a month at my brother’s home. Last fall, I took along the Halloween quilt that I had recently finished at a quilt retreat for a show-n-tell. This is the finished quilt, hanging (In Time For!) Halloween last year.

My nephew, who was 2.5 years old at the time, just stopped in his tracks and stared and, normally talking non-stop, all he had to say was “wooowwww”. I put the quilt back in my bag, and we continued to wine and dine (okay it was pop and lasagna) and visit for a few hours, I put on my coat to leave and picked up my bags. The little guy said, “Can I see the pumpkin, again?”. He just knows how to melt my heart. So, what could I do but use my scraps to make him his own Halloween quilt to hang on his bedroom door…
This gem was displayed proudly well past the Halloween and Christmas holidays, pushing the envelope for a orange and purple Valentine’s Day. When it came time for his 3rd birthday celebration, I knew just what he needed…here is the *little angel* with his own custom made door quilt in a very cute Alexander Henry doggy fabric called “Pip and Pals.”

After he opened the gift at his party, my five year old niece came to me and said “Aunt Doris, would you make me one of those name things for my door?” I ask you, how can you say to faces like this—
I’m such a sucker. Of course, she shares a room with sister, so that means I have to make one for each girl, because, of course, she wants her “own”. ;->


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