Spring Gardening

Have you ever wondered, “is this all there is?, or “what do I want to be when I grow-up?”, or thought “I wish I could go back, start over and choose a different path.” These are some of the questions I’ve been grappling with, and I have desires to find a way to utilize my talent and creativity in a “money-making” (translation: making a living) kind of way. I have great, creative ideas, but I always let fear and the details bog me down and talk me out of making any “real” change in my life.

Saturday I attended an open house/kick-off party for Tending Your Inner Garden, a program of introspective “soul-seeking” so-to-speak, that was developed by two “local” gals a few years ago. I met some fabulous people and am very excited about diving into this and exploring my inner longings, spirituality, and potential.

Tending Your Inner Garden is designed not to prescribe change, but to give you ways in which to access your own answers. Through journaling, meditation, time with nature, and reflection with others, it helps you develop and fine-tune a relationship with the voice within so you can create a life that reflects all of who you are. The program helps us to create those quiet times when you can listen to yourself and the natural world around you, times when the voice within can speak to you more clearly than you have ever heard it before.

Incidently, the open house was held at East Village Books, a great little independent bookstore, and someplace you must visit the next time you are in Des Moines!


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