A Fabulous LOONNGGG Weekend…

This weekend was great…I didn’t have to work and had a bonus Monday and Tuesday off because I needed to “use up some vacation” days before I lose them! I ended the weekend with a quilt day at my friend Nan’s house…no photos but she no doubt has the greatest home quilt studio in the world. I’m not kidding, it can host a retreat of probably a dozen quilters, easily! Toni joined us, we went out for a very tasty lunch along with Nan’s husband, Frank, and I finished my Jacks Be Quick quilt:
It’s a fuzzy photo (sorry!) but you get the idea. This will eventually be a birthday gift for someone special…but for now it will be a store sample for the Strip Club at the Quilt Junction. Here is a detail that shows the great variegated thread quilting: (not my handiwork, I had it long-arm quilted)
I did take a free-motion quilting class last month, and am trying to master the trick of it…I have a second class on May 20. I tried this once before, about 8-9 years ago and it just did not “take”. Practice is what I need, lots of practice….I’ll post some more about my progress soon!


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