Memorial Day weekend

You gotta love a holiday weekend, food, family, friends, free-time…and extra time off of work to boot! My sister and I, and her six-month old, traveled to Mom’s house Saturday, attended a bridal shower for our niece who is to be married in September, and later that night attended a 50th wedding anniversary dinner and dance for her grandparents. It’s always good to see people you haven’t seen for some time, even meet some new ones… Here are two of the most intriguing guests at the bridal shower, my nephew and a new friend he met that day.
We left NE Iowa just before the tornadoes rolled through, and Mom and our other family up there are just fine, as is their property. God bless, guide, and protect those that lost loved ones and their homes in the terrible storms.

I was able to get back to the quilt I started a few months ago that nearly led to my quilting demise… I did hand applique in the car and some more yesterday at home while I enjoyed my day off. It’s been “broken in” already, this is what i came back too after stopping for a very brief bathroom break yesterday morning. I know she was pretending to be asleep already…but I was only out of the room for about a minute. There’s just something about new fabric…


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