UFQ #2: Circle Quilt

In an ongoing attempt to make myself accountable for my UFQs and USQs (un-started quilts) I give you…..number 2:

PROJECT NAME: Circle Baby Quilt


ORIGINAL PURPOSE: I signed up for a class at a local quilt shop, my first class ever, to make this for *I think* a niece or nephew who is way past “baby quilt” stage at this point.

CURRENT STATE: It is a finished top, it just needs to be quilted. The crazy thing is, it’s been folded in a box, in just this state, for about five years now.
REASON FOR NOT FINISHING IT: Not sure, my Mom helped me finish the hand applique circles. I really like it, and not sure why it never got finished. This is what the photo in the book looks like finished (the book is Blessed Events):

PLAN FOR FINISHING IT: Make the quilt sandwich this weekend, and when I’m feeling up to being back at my machine…get that baby quilted!!!


2 thoughts on “UFQ #2: Circle Quilt

  1. How are you going about setting timeframes or prioritizing your projects? I have so much stuff to do (obviously non-quilt related) and I have issues becoming distracted with the next thing.

  2. You go girl! …..I am with you…I can’t usually pinpoint anything that made me stop work on a quilt….just that it gets to a stage and I put it away….but am working my way thru them…..!! Slowly but surely….I wasn’t going to start anything new, but if I didn’t there wouldn’t be anything for my swap partner in the cupcake swap…..and we can’t be having that can we!!! LOL

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