Does the weekend have to end?!?

On Friday, I took a personal day from work, and went to the Ankeny Guild Quilt Show with three “quilty” friends. We saw some lovely applique:

Beautiful redwork: (Plus, I LOVE snowmen, and this quilt was covered in snowmen and snowflakes)

A cute hanky idea, patterned off a vintage quilt:

and SO much more! It was a great way to spend the morning. After the show, we went to sew and quilt at my friend Nan’s house. This is her project wall, with her almost completed Baltimore album quilt top:

It still needs the bows in the corners. She always swore she would never “waste her time with hand applique”–and now? She does almost nothing except hand applique. And she is VERY GOOD at it! This quilt is all batiks against a solid black ground.

I made my brother’s birthday gift, here is a peek at it:

And worked on my project for the Cupcake Swap. My swap partner, Lorraine, is hard at work in Australia on her project. Can’t wait to get it! I had a wonderful Saturday and Sunday as well, and it is just hard to see the weekend come to an end. Oh well, this weekend is my three-day retreat at Yellow Bird Art! I CAN’T WAIT!!!


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