"huhhh—chili peppas…", and UFQ #8 & #9

I wrote last week about my brother’s birthday, which is exactly one week before mine. I’m trying to do more handmade “gifts from the heart” this year for special occasions and the holidays. Little Brother enjoys cooking, and he’s a talented cook–I can attest to that–he’s a good experimenter, and he enjoys grilling and growing veggies along with my S-I-L. The last few years, they’ve planted different varieties of peppers, canned some awesome sauces and made salsas, and whipped up some great meals. So when I saw this Alexander Henry pepper fabric, I could not resist. It practically screamed his name.
Then I found the great “sliced green pepper” Patrick Lose fabric to go with it, so I made it reversible:

Here’s my special “handmade” label…

And Little Brother proudly modeling it for me. His wife was saying at this moment, “smile, you’ll probably end up on a blog”…(she’s a regular reader–and got me into blogging in the first place) ;-> “hi, les!”

I’ve promised to make one for his little three-year old son, so Daddy and Son can wear them to “whip up some eggs”.

Now, back to the UFQ’s. These are actually USP’s (unstarted projects), the first, USP #8, is a sort of “commissioned project”, a bag for Little Brother’s S-I-L. I’m making a combo Miranda/Bridget bag from these two patterns and these fabrics…

It’s for a gal that usually goes for all black, so this will be a color infusion for her. Then, I have fabric for USP #9 to make myself a Miranda Bag…

The main part of the bag will be that awesome squares fabric, the lining will probably be the stripe and the bottom of the bag the tone-on-tone teal. I LOVE these, and can’t wait to work on this project!

Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to work on USP #8 this weekend…she’s waiting patiently…


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