What I Did On My Summer Retreat

I’m always overly zealous and overly confident about what I can accomplish on a retreat weekend, but I never want to be in the bind of running out of things to do! (As if that could ever happen!) So I brought along ten projects to work on (That’s right–10!!!) BTW, Mom brought one. Can you imagine? Anyway, once we got in the house, I unpacked them all and laid them out for inspiration…

Where to start?!? I brought this project, my Liberty Garden, and USP #8 and #9, a project I can’t blog about she reads my blog, some fabric to make a couple of grab bags, fabric to make an ironing board cover, Ongoing Project #5, UFQ #7, UFQ #2, and a little stack and whack type of project that I never got to.

This is momma’s one and only project… She did a great job and got all her blocks made!

So, you ask, what did I accomplish? I made two grab bags by early afternoon Saturday, you can see them in progress on the chair here:

And the finished (yet, un-embellished) products here:

And I made the quilt sandwich for UFQ #2, the Circle Quilt:

But the Pfaff started to rebel when I tried to free-motion practice (UFQ #5), and to then quilt this one, so some of the quilting will need to be removed and redone and the Pfaff needs to go see the sewing machine doctor (again!). So, I made the binding for the Circle Quilt, and here’s a little bit of the quilting:

The Liberty Garden is almost finished, but alas, not photos to show yet… It’s a bit of Independence Day goodness…just in time for…the 4th of August! Oh well, there’s always next July 4th. And the next retreat (in four weeks!)…


3 thoughts on “What I Did On My Summer Retreat

  1. Sounds like you had a great time away….. the view over the water looks fab….. yes there is something about water that is calming…..I just got my Pfaff back from the “doctor” and it behaved nicely the other night when I was playing with some free motion quilting….so it should for the amount I paid to the tech!! I am looking forward to my weekend away this coming weekend….haven’t even looked at the requirements list for the projects yet…should do that sometime soon!!

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