Happy Holidays: A few more UFQ’s…

Well, USP’s really (unstarted projects). I always have grand plans to make holiday quilts, that usually end up getting completed a few Halloweens or a few Christmases past the intended one. Like this almost finished 4th of July project. I did finish this Halloween quilt last year, about three years after I intended to start it, and it was on the wall before October 31, 2007.

Some of it is an original border design, some of it is taken from a 2002 (I think?) Love of Quilting magazine cover quilt.

My USP’s involve Christmas and Valentine quilts (some for myself, some for gifts) that were intended to be done for this past December and February. Here are my Valentine quilts/projects:

That’s right, it is a fabric collection. Not a quilt in there, only a quilt waiting to be created. But isn’t it yummy?

I even have rick-rack and variegated thread to complete the projects:

And then there is my Christmas Quilt(s):

A week or so ago I discovered the wonderful new fabric line Secret Santa from Benartex, which goes extremely well with these…so maybe my procrastination was a blessing…?

The Liberty Garden Quilt is very near completion…photos to follow soon!


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