Little Girls Are Made Of…

I love girly stuff. I love the pinks, the pastels, the flowers, the feminine sweetness… It’s so much fun to buy little girl clothes and cute stuff, and there is so much cute FABRIC out there appropriate for little girls. And yet, nearly everyone I know has a little boy. Every time a friend or family member announces a pregnancy I cross my fingers, squeeze my eyes shut tight **andwish*andwish*andhope*andpray** that this one will be a girl. Then the ultrasound comes around, and another boy is announced. Don’t get me wrong, I love my nephews to tears, and spoil them whenever I get the chance–but one can only buy and make cute stuff for little boys for X amount of time before he pronounces it “for babies”! Typically, this happens by preschool time. The shelf life on cute stuff for girls is exponentially longer, and that is why I always hope for another little girl to spoil.

Imagine my joy when my best friend called last June, the afternoon she gave birth, to say “it’s a GIRL!” I was ecstatic. I immediately got to work on her quilt… I pulled almost everything from my stash (probably a first for me!) except for the border stripe and the backing fabric. It has some embroidered words, which don’t really show up in the photos (taken with the old camera), such as “giggles”, “pitter-patter”, “sweetie”…
I added the flower and butterfly appliques to tie into the nursery theme a little more, the fabric colors ended up being a perfect match to her nursery colors…
Here’s the back and the quilting, one of the few I’ve done myself…and the scrappy binding…
Her Mom, not a big “girly pink” person (hence the extra purple in this quilt” loved it, even the girliness of it, and the pink! It was a ball to make, and the little angel herself uses it all the time. Her she is saying “I love my quilt!”
Okay, maybe she’s saying “I just had a nap and I feel great!” Either way, I’m sure she loves the quilt!


5 thoughts on “Little Girls Are Made Of…

  1. Cute (baby and quilt) …. I have four grandsons!! No pink in the quilts for them!! still haven’t given up on the grand daughter…but love my little boys to bits……!!!

  2. As you saw this morning I long for girly stuff. This is so cute! btw I didn’t just start quilting 6 months ago…i started again…i made my first quilt back in the late 80’s early 90’s, but then life, kids, being a mom and all those things took over.

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