A few more UFP’s…

I’m trying to make myself accountable for all my Unfinished Projects (UFP’s), Unstarted Projects (USP’s) and Unfinished Quilts (UFQ’s). I started blogging them all on July 3rd, complete with current state and what needs to be done to finish them. (Only two more to go after this! Which will keep my total number under 20. Whew!) Here’s #17 and #18:

PROJECT NAME: Wendy’s slipcovers

DATE STARTED: Spring 2008

ORIGINAL PURPOSE: My sister and her husband moved into a house they built last October, just before she gave birth to her first child. Around that time, my mom, my sister and I picked out this fabric to make slipcovers for her old dining chairs and a curtain for her patio door. Sister doesn’t sew. The curtain got done, Mom made it. The room got painted. The slipcovers? Got started sometime in late Spring 2008, Mom and I made most of the first one together, I cut out the fabric for the other three, Mom started sewing them, then passed them back to me to finish the skirts and hems.

CURRENT STATE: This is one of her chairs, sitting in my Dining Room, waiting to be completed:

It looks good, no? Well, until you look down and look a little closer at the skirt…

And sadly, the other three are not this far along…

REASON FOR NOT FINISHING IT: I’ve just been busy! Too many quilts! Too many projects! Two many hours spent at work! What can I say?

PLAN FOR FINISHING IT: I’ve set a deadline for myself of Labor Day. 2008. God help me.

And #18:

PROJECT NAME: My hand-me-down chair.

DATE STARTED: Approx. 2002

ORIGINAL PURPOSE: My sister used to own this chair. It was always so darned comfy. Her Jack Russell terrier took a liking to it in her earlier, puppy-energy filled days. A real liking. She ate a chunk of the arm. Seriously. Ate it. As I mentioned, Sister doesn’t sew. She bought a new chair. I told her I’d take the old one, and I’d like the ottoman that went with it. I could fix it up.

CURRENT STATE: Her it is, Maggy took a liking to it as well…

It used to be a cream color. I recovered it in a soft gold color to compliment my new sofa (well, it was new when this project began). I made a slipcover for the ottoman. It was easy and it looked great. I rebuilt the arn of the chair, it’s the one on the right side of the photo–you’d never know it had a big chunk missing at one time. I reupholstered the chair. But I stopped when I got to the skirt…. (Apparently I have an aversion to skirts…)

It has seriously been this way for six years. Moved from house to house. Sat in my living room for six years unfinished. Maggy doesn’t mind, she still finds it one of the best places to nap in the house.

PLAN FOR FINISHING IT: The pieces have been cut and waiting to be finished all this time. I’m giving myself a deadline of New Year’s Eve. This year.


3 thoughts on “A few more UFP’s…

  1. Can you give me more details on the ottoman slipcover? I have an ottoman that my Hubbie and children use as a table and it shows it! I would love to recover it.

  2. Good job getting going on those UFO’s…I have plenty.I nominated you for a little award over at my site…play along if you’d like, but don’t worry if you don’t want to… 🙂

  3. Hi Doris–Good luck with those projects. I should try your method of setting some deadlines. I don’t have a lot of UFP’s, but I do have a lot of IOU’s!The chair covers look fab.~Cassie

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