Aryn and Cyber Fyber

Today I made my two bug jar blocks for Aryn’s quilt. This is being made through Quilts for Comfort, a great program that provides gifts for the brothers and sisters of ill children, a source of comfort while Mom and Dad are away from home spending time with the ill sibling during treatments, hospital stays, etc. It’s a truly great program.

I also made my postcard and artist trading card for the Cyber Fyber exhibition in 2009. Here is my postcard. It’s a landscape, a sunset behind the mountains on top, a waterfall cascading down the mountain, a row of trees in the middle ground.

Cyber Fyber
is the brainchild of Susan, a friend of mine and former employer from South Carolina. She is a talented fiber artist. Susan came up with the idea of developing an exhibit focusing on the supportive, global community of fiber artists here on the internet. Her project will be a physical exhibit throughout 2009 in Columbia, South Carolina.

This is my Artist Trading Card:

I started each of these with a scrap block/quilted piece, and built out from it. The trading card started with the teal/turquoise/tan hourglass block in the center, the postcard with the pink sawtooth strip near the top.

Parting shot: “In Flanders Fields” \

Not my quilt, this was on display at the Iowa State Fair…more to come from there later this week…


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