A Fabulous Find

I found this book at an Antique Store not long ago, for the exorbitant price of $4. It could have been marked $40 for all the information it holds! It’s titled The New Encyclopedia of Modern Sewing, and my copy is a second “new” edition printed in 1946. It’s in great shape other than a little shelf wear on the beautifully embossed cover.
I love the little image on the front cover. And the image that really sold me was this title page photo of the smart war-time woman with her wool hat, jacket and adorable wool handbag (pattern included in this book!)There are instructions (and patterns!) for making just about anything for you, your family and your 1940s home in this book. It covers curtains, table linens, upholstery,
embroidery, clothing for the lady of the house,
Clothing for the kiddies, Tools of the trade, including what you will need in your sewing room and how to best set it up, And, how to be a thrifty recycler in those post war years. The caption under this photo reads “First quality material such as Government issues should not be wasted. The adorable coat for the little girl is made from a tar’s jumper, while the small boy’s suit was once his sailor-daddy’s ‘bell bottom trousers’. See the chapters on tailoring and Repeat Performance for helpful hints in accomplishing a make over project of this kind.”
You know I love a good recycling project!

The illustrations are awesome throughout this book. One of my favorites was this royal pair:
Touting the importance of a dainty, elegant bridge cloth. I recently acquired two bridge cloths with matching luncheon napkins in my vintage linen haul in June. Here is one of them and a deatil shot of the clever embroidery:
The napkins (I don’t have a photo of these yet) are equally adorable.
I think every 21st Century sewer/quilter/seamstress/crafter should have a volume like this in their library. I’ve seen others, and they amaze me at what a wealth of information they are; covering a multitude of topics in one binding. Our contemporary publications tend to focus on one topic or technique. This one will be a treasure in my library for the rest of my days, no doubt.


4 thoughts on “A Fabulous Find

  1. What a find!! amazing diagrams and pics….everything old is new again…..recycling was around before we were!…that little gem will certainly be part of your book collection for ever I imagine.

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