Quilt Retreat Review

It’s no secret I love a weekend of sewing. And especially a weekend of sewing with quilty gals. This past weekend was certainly no exception. We talked. We laughed. We ate. We sewed. We ripped. We cut. We ate. We napped. We shared. We ate some more. Maida, our chef for the weekend did a great job of keeping the hunger pangs away. I’m doing extra workouts this week to make up for it.

Our retreat takes place in the cafeteria of an elementary school. Here is my table of quilters:That is my Pfabulous Pfaff to the right of center, there. It worked like a champ this weekend after visiting the doctor two weeks ago. I made two more Nearly Insane (UFQ #20) blocks (remember, my goal is two per month)–Thirty blocks for the Girlish Charm Quilt (UFQ #7)
A new ironing board cover (I’ll post more on this later this week)–
Worked on my Liberty Garden (a WIP since June 2008)
Made this for my friend Molly who has been patiently waiting all summer (UFP #8)
And I made a gift for a little guy, but I can’t post pics yet because it hasn’t been gifted yet…

There is always show-n-tell at a retreat, everyone gathers around and oohs and ahhs and takes pictures and asks questions. This is Ann’s “tumbling blocks variation”:
Mom’s Blooms for Annabelle quilt, which will have hand applique in the background spaces and extra borders to make it bigger, but after ripping it apart A LOT, the main center is finally done. Note the smile.Cathy’s scrappy stars for a kindergarten classroom board, made from all donated blocks and fabric scraps:
Dawn’s hexagon strip quilt:And occasionally, a rest is needed after all that sewing, quilting, ripping, eating, laughing, and talking. Here is Lynn taking a nap under one of her creations :I’m going to have to get one of those chairs to take along next time…


5 thoughts on “Quilt Retreat Review

  1. Hi!I just love reading this post and imagining such a great weekend with your friends and mom. My prayers are with all of you over the surgery. Mathias had skull surgery at six months of age. It is very, very scary…..but may the outcome be the same as in Mathias’ case! Susan

  2. You go, girl! Looks like you had a very productive retreat. All your projects look great, but that ironing board cover is to die for. Your iron is very lucky to have such a fabbity-fab-fab cover to slide across.

  3. WOW! Aren’t retreats fun! Thanks for sharing all the fun and pictures. What a spacious area using the school cafeteria. I recently went on retreat and took my computer along. Don’t know how much sewing I got done but it was fun posting.

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