Miranda Bag for Molly

This is the Miranda Bag (Lazy Girl Designs) that I finished this weekend for Molly. I love the colors, teals, turquoise, brown and lime greens. Molly seems to like darks, so this is going to be a color infusion for her…I hope she likes it. The handle is one continuous loop (not part of this pattern), so it can be carried like this with two shorter handles by the hand or over the elbow, or pulled all the way through to make a shoulder strap.
I put a handbag magnetic snap closure on the flap instead of using velcro as the pattern called for. The interior is full of pockets for everything, and a fun color to boot!
I turned away for literally about eight seconds while photographing, and turned back to this:
Maggy tries out all new quilts first, so why not the handbags, too? She refused to look at the camera. I’m sure she knew this was a no-no. Defiant, little….

I have to go clean the cat hair out of Molly’s bag, now.


2 thoughts on “Miranda Bag for Molly

  1. great bag!! love the idea of the continuous loop handles….! don’t you love it when the animals turn their backs like that….Chelsea does it and I can’t help but laugh…..! thanks again for your fab swap gifties….I just love everything!

  2. Beautiful colors! I have been trying to find something similar for my daughers room actually… well, with some pink added in! LOLGreat job! I like how you did the handle, more versitile! I like the snap idea also! Beautiful job!Maggy is too cute! My cats are the same way! If we pack to go somewhere, the cats are in the suitcases, bags, whatever. The first day of school, there was a cat on each backpack! šŸ™‚ Good luck cleaning out the cat hair šŸ™‚

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