Press On

I acquired a new ironing board from my mom earlier this year after mine broke. Well. Okay. After I broke mine. I fell. The ironing board got in the way. I weigh more than the board is designed to withstand. ’nuff said. My mom had one that’s probably 30+ years old that she doesn’t use much since she got an over-the-door model, so she gifted me her old one. I replaced the Walmart style cover with an Ironslide 2000 cover from Bo-Nash. If you don’t know what this is. Consider getting one from Seriously, you will not regret it, it adds heat to what your pressing like nobody’s business and is ideal for pressing while piecing. Anyhoo…I was having trouble with the edges coming undone, so I needed a cover to put over the Ironslide cover (plain metallic grey color) to hold it snug. I saw an idea in this book: and I borrowed it to make this:
In great retro 30s/40s reproduction fabric, the main cover is this Darlene Zimmerman clothesline print:
and the end has some other pieces from Darlene Zimmerman’s “Happy Homemaker” line, including the cute red-white-and-blue ironing board girls:
This was super easy to make, solved my problem of the loose edges on my Ironslide cover, and is bright and cheerful as a bonus.

My sweet swap partner, Lorraine, has received her Cupcake goodies from me–Yeah! So glad they made it to Australia without incident!

Parting Shot: Baby Boy, just four short days after surgery on his colon. That smile, and the giggle behind it, does everyone’s heart good.


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