The icing on the cupcake

Lorraine has received her cupcake goodies, so now I can post shots of what I made for/sent to her. First of all, I found some very cute cupcake paper liners, a bath cupcake for a relaxing fizzy bath , in “pink champagne” scent or flavor, a cupcake cookbook, every good cook should have one, and a cupcake card that I added an applique to, to match the apron I made.

And of course, the apron:

made from a Butterick See & Sew pattern, #B5125, it was easy to make except for the fact that I had to hem it by hand (not a big hand-sewing fan, unless it’s applique or embroidery), but that made it look nicer, and Lorraine likes it alot, so it’s worth every stitch!

The applique is my own design addition, complete with a cherry on top!
Maggy tried this out, too. What is it with animals and some new textile laying around?!?
Lorraine’s final surprise was the Batik Star that I first blogged about on July 11th, as part of my UFQ series. She was the only one to comment and suggested I “join a small quilt swap..or send it to me [her]…lol”. So, I finished it, and I did. Send it to her. See what a nice compliment can get you around here?

I had a lot of fun with this swap, getting to “know” Lorraine, and seeing some of the clever gifts people came up with across blogland for their partners.


2 thoughts on “The icing on the cupcake

  1. …..I indeed loved the goodies you sent …. and I was going to ask what pattern you used for the apron…..!! Ha….the little quilt is just fantastic…and thanks for sending it….I have to do some rearranging in my sewing room to display a few of the things I have made and received from swappers…those two weeks off are going to go pretty quickly I think!

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