This is…

…something I wish I could do every day: Visit a new place with someone special.
I had a great day on Sunday, visiting Northfield, MN with my sweetie (that’s him and his “baby” in the photo above). His youngest, E, had a birthday yesterday, she’s in her first year of school here, so we went to see her, take her to lunch and shopping, and spend a day together.
We had lunch here, at E’s suggestion (see how enthuisastic she is?)…a very cool restaurant dating to 1877, and I had the best vegetarian lasagna of my life. True story.
Did some antique browsing (no buying), saw some neat architectural details (always a treat for me) and took the birthday girl to Target to shop for dormitory necessities. All in all, a gorgeous day, great food, fun folks, and a good time was had by all…something I wish I could do everyday.

Pirate Update: The Treasure Trunk is almost done (here is an in progress shot of my painting), the eye patch is complete, and the pirate hat is almost ready. More pics to come…


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