Vintage View #1

I have been gifted a collection of well-loved, well-used, well-worn vintage quilts as a result of a house clearing that took place following the Iowa Floods of 2008. The homeowner was going to toss these treasures…I couldn’t have that…so I took them. I have a small, meager collection of vintage quilts of my own (all in very good to excellent condition), to see a quilt in the condition of some of these, breaks my heart. I posted about the first one here.

Here is #2:
A once lovely yellow, blue and very pale pink (now almost white) Irish Chain style quilt. It once had pink Prairie Point edges, but there are only shreds of triangular fabric left.
This is truly one of the softest quilts I have ever held…no wonder it was loved within an inch of it’s life!
Way too great to end up in a landfill! EEK!


6 thoughts on “Vintage View #1

  1. Think of all of the hours of comfort that little quilt gave to some special person. Years ago quilts were made more for necessity, than for enjoyment of quilting. Think of it as time-warn beauty. You are the new “keeper” of this special treasure!

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