It’s FINALLY Here!

It’s here! It’s here! AQS Week in Des Moines! A mere 3.0 (THREE!) miles from my home! There was a really nice write up in the local newspaper yesterday, and there are area quilt shows around town by all sorts of groups and organizations: our State Historical Museum, our Botanical Center, Living History Farms, our Heritage Gallery in one of the government buildings, and this event, in Historic Valley Junction, the original downtown of what is now West Des Moines, Iowa: I work at one of the two quilt shops in Valley Junction, and am very excited about this event they organized!

If you are not coming to Des Moines this week, you really should be! But you can come next year, we have it scheduled here for the next three years! Sadly, I will be out of town the first two days of the show, for my day job, but I will be taking in as many sights and sounds as I can Friday and Saturday!

Come see us in Des Moines–GREAT things are happening!


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