Drumroll please…….

Guess what this is?!?

That would be four slipcovers for my darling sister, sewn, pressed and awaiting a finished hem. That’s it, just a hem left to do. You know what that means?!? I get to go back to FUN creating and sewing! Yeah!

Another drumroll, please…

I just realized this is POST #100!!!!!!! I think that calls for a GIVEAWAY….I’m going to ask the winner about their tastes in fabric/crafting and put together a great little bundle especially for them!

That sweet little candy corn ghost is saying “Oh, my! What a great idea!” Ok, enough silliness…just leave a comment here before midnight on Halloween (October 31) telling me what your favorite thing about your favorite holiday is…

Send you readers my way to comment by using the button on my sidebar and I’ll give you two extra chances!



14 thoughts on “Drumroll please…….

  1. I’ll bet you are so excited about getting back to fun things. I’m glad that you got the slipcovers finished and hope you will post a photo of them when they are on the furniture.100 posts? Congratulations. That is quite an accomplishment.Favorite thing about holidays is the family get togethers. It doesn’t matter which holiday it is as long as we can all share some fun times together. We are so blessed to have our family close to us.

  2. Whoo hoo! Congratulations! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know through the blogging universe!My favorite holiday is Christmas. My house becomes a Christmas wonderland every year. I’m a day after Christmas shopper with my eyes on discounted Christmas decorations. I have a 14ft Christmas tree that’s always overly full of decorations. And all of this for my Munchkins. I enjoy how magically it makes Christmas for them every year.And I’ll totally be putting a link on my blog about your “blog 100postday”/giveaway on my blog!

  3. You’ve been doing fun things – like the pirate chest, but I know what you mean – have-to-do’s are different than want-to-do’s. I love Halloween. We have 6 lighted (wooden)Jack-o-lantern’s outside, 3 lighted bats, and strings of jack-o-lantern lights, along with “monsters” and ghosts in the trees. We play spooky music while the trick-or-treaters come around, and we usually dress up in costumes too!

  4. WAY TO GO on the slipcovers!Hmmm…what is my favorite holiday Doris?! Honestly, it’s the one time of year there is the distinct possibility I will get to see my whole family together. I realize my immediate family only consists of 4 (Mom, myself, and my twin brothers) but you would be surprised how hard it is to get us all in the same room. It makes me cry every time that we are preservering after all we’ve been through together. We are truly blessed and that brings forth the birth of Jesus Christ and how important our faith is to us. Plus, our family has grown to include my spouse, my son, each brother has a serious girlfriend, and my Mom has a serious someone (what is it that it’s hard to call him my Mom’s boyfriend?!). Everyone gets along great and the more the merrier. I go so OVERBOARD decorating and making goodies and I have the time of the year doing it! 🙂But for right now – HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 🙂

  5. THANKS Melissa for getting me hooked on ANOTHER blog! I do love Halloween because I enjoy the children getting to be whatever alternate personality they want to be for a day. I think it is very healthy to be a witch or devil for a day, just as long as you don’t get stuck!!!But, I have to say Thanksgiving is my favorite. USUALLY in Georgia it is nice enough to play crochet(sp?) so we are outside in the brisk air working up a good appetite, drinking Old fashions, laughing and just enjoying each other and the day.Then, we scurry around trying to make gravy and carve the turkey and get everything ready at the same time. Usually I forget to watch the bread….. But, it is always fun.Congrates on your 100!!!!!!!!!!Kathy Bridges

  6. Congrats on 100 posts!I don’t have a favorite holiday but my favorite thing about all holidays is sharing myself with my family, cooking, decorating, gifts, its all great.Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  7. My favorite thing about the holidays is the family getting together. It’s the only time around our family that we try hard to be there. We make some birthdays and some mother’s day but Christmas is a big thing that we all try to make. Congrats on your 100th post!! You go girl!!

  8. I can’t believe you made FOUR slipcovers – very impressive! Now back to crafty business. Congrats on the 100th post. My favorite thing about the holidays is the preparations, the decorating, cooking, baking, anticipation and excitement. And the you get to share your hard work with everyone.

  9. Frst: Congrats! 100 is a huge accomplishment.Second: I love Easter. It is near my b-day and my first borns b-day. I love the cute dresses and the newness of everything. It also brings Spring which I love.Thirdly Kritta sent me.

  10. Congrats on 100 posts! And thanks for stopping by my blog and signing up for the Pay It Forward! My favorite holiday would have to be Christmas here in the snowy north, but my favorite season would have to be springtime.

  11. Favorite holiday…hmmm…I really like Thanksgiving. Usually a little less of a big deal than Christmas but family and friends around is always great! And the weather typically isn’t freezing cold yet.

  12. congrats miss doris! 100 posts and you make slipcovers too. my favorite holiday by far is christmas…it’s filled with all sorts of family traditions and the family is always there…i love that.

  13. Doris, I feel a tad silly putting this on your comment board but realized I did not have an email address for you.Please feel free to delete this after you read it.I just wanted you to know that the blog giveaway that you entered this past October on my blog ended a few days before I received your entry request.I ended my giveaway on Oct 11th. I’m sorry about that but I saved your request and if it is ok with you I would like to enter you in my November giveaway that started today.Feel free to take a look at my giveaway and if you would rather not be entered just email me. http://dragonfryenews.blogspot.com Warmly,Tina Frye

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