We have a winner!

According to Random.org, our winner of the 100th Post Giveaway is post #13, by Jacquie! I’ve been reading Jacquie’s blog, Tallgrass Prairie Studio for a long time. She makes some fabulous pattern-free quilts, has a great sense of style, and is even mastering freemotion quilting! (I’m still struggling on that one!)
And finally, Monday Mile Marker #10…

I managed to eek out 21 miles of activity this week…I felt like I wasn’t exercising much, but I spent a great deal of time on my feet and moving. That pedometer does add up!

This week I am looking forward to a retreat weekend…finishing a few more UFQs and maybe starting a new project or two. And seeing a little more of my new nephew, who will be home from the NICU soon. How’bout you, what are you looking forward to?What a cute lil’ pumpkin!

4 thoughts on “We have a winner!

  1. Congratulations to your winner. I will have to check out her site for her quilting.That is a cute little pumpkin. How long was his stay in the NICU? I’ll bet the parents are excited about getting him home.This week????? Cleaning today, surgery on my arm tomorrow, sewing on Wednesday, doctor appointment for my mom on Thursday and a school auction on the weekend. It’ll be a great week. Enjoy.

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