It only took a year, after purchasing the fabric for this UFP (unfinished project) to reach completion, and I know I set a date of Labor Day as my goal for completion, but Election Day ain’t doin’ so bad!?! Here they are in my lovely sister’s dining area…
Complimenting her stubborn pumpkin orange walls (those walls took some six or so coats of paint, but the room is a stunner now!!!) and the coordinating patio door curtain that my Mom completed last November. Sis and hubby also recently remade that table from a drab-discount-furniture-store-fakey-blonde-wood-finish to a black painted base with stained wood top to match the new kitchen cabinets. It’s beautiful.
and last but not least….America has spoken. We have a new leader. Anything IS possible in America. No matter what party you claim, not matter who you supported in this election, you must feel some pride in a country that just elected a young man, who when he was born here just a few short decades ago, could not walk into just any public restroom, could not pass over certain public threshholds, could not attend any school he desired. Imagine that. May God bless him and guide him these next four years.


4 thoughts on “Another UFP, COMPLETE.

  1. Doris, those chairs look amazing! What a great job you did. And you’re right. Those pumpkin orange walls are amazing. Love the new blog look too.Happy Day,Cassie

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