Having a good Monday

Mondays are typically rough for me. I tend to run around like crazy cramming as much as I can into my weekend, then crash on Monday when the reality of going back to work without having really rested catches up with me. But, today, is a good day. First of all, I spent the last three days at a quilt retreat here:

Finishing a UFQ (well, the quilt top is finished):
Working on Christmas gifts for some of my favorite peeps:

And some pillow covers for belated and early birthday gifts for some of the same peeps:

Secondly, this is what I paid for gas (yes, sometimes all it takes to make me happy is a good deal):

And thirdly, and most importantly, This little angel has been off oxygen for more than 24 hours and may come home from the NICU to meet his big brother as soon as tomorrow:

Now, that, my dears, is a reason to smile…


5 thoughts on “Having a good Monday

  1. Wow, you got a lot done at that quilt retreat. I have always wanted to go to a retreat. I can’t believe your cheap gas prices! Holy cow! We’re still paying 2.19 in Madison. Lucky you!

  2. Definitely a lot to smile about. That little one is so precious.Looks like you had a wonderful retreat with all those completed projects. It must feel so good.Our gas just dropped to $2.60 and I thought that was good!!!!!

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