2008 Recipient of the Eleanor Burns Award

As you know, I’ve been blogging about my UFQ/UFP/USP’s (unfinished quilts, unfinished projects , and unstarted projects, respectively). I came up with a list of twenty (I’ve since completed six!), but If I counted projects I didn’t have all the fabric for, it would probably be a little more than twenty. ***Edited: I just added my Holiday related projects and two new baby quilts to the list, and a few USP’s I originally forgot about and my total is now 35.*** But I only counted the projects that were either already started or the supplies had been completely purchased for. My friend, Toni, did the same last week. Her total was a little higher. Ninety-one, to be exact. No, dear reader, that is not a typo. 91 (30 UFO’s and 61 USP’s). This was enough to win her the Eleanor Burns Award at retreat this weekend, as the quilter with the most UFO’s… Now, Eleanor Burns is a sweetheart, as I understand it, and this is in no way a slight to her, or an insult. She is an over-achiever in the quilt world, a talented quilter, and a great businesswoman. It just so happens that the trophy is a little ceramic gal that bears a slight resemblance to the Quilting Diva herself… Complete with red neck scarf and 1940s apron! Her little shopping checklist in her left arm reads “fabric, thread, batting…” Toni was very proud of her award and Eleanor graced our table throughout the retreat.
Toni is a bit of an overachiever herself, having 30 projects in progress, raising a just-turned-two-year-old son, teaching herself to embroider and to tat, and finding time to make things like this to take along to retreat:
Those adorable owl cupcakes were found online, we just can’t remember the source–sorry! But Toni loves owls, so these were a must do!

How many UFO’s and USP’s do you have? Ever counted them?


7 thoughts on “2008 Recipient of the Eleanor Burns Award

  1. i have more than i want. i’m trying so hard to get some finishes and not START things. i aspire to be one of those people who does a project from start to finish without going off on a tangent. it could happen.

  2. Hi!Thanks for reading me on Rocks in My Dryer and stopping by my site! I’m glad I was able to provide some encouragement – and I hope sharing my perspective helps your family and friends to understand YOUR perspective! Stop by any time! Where in Iowa are you? I’m originally from NE Nebraska!Tammy

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