My bleeding heart

Yesterday, my grandma turned 98 and one half years old. Yesterday, my grandma took her final breath and finally met her beloved Creator, face-to-face.

Grandma lived a blessed life. Sure , it wasn’t perfect. She grew up with a very ill little brother who demanded a great deal of her mother’s attention, and extra work of his siblings. She never had the opportunity to attend college, or to travel very far from her home, but she met a good man, married when she was 25, and raised six children. She took in her husband’s invalid sister when another sibling banished her from his home, and cared for her until she died. She was a strong, dedicated farm wife, gladly serving her husband through sixty plus years of marriage. She was a loyal, dedicated employee at the bank where she worked to supplement the meager farm income and help support her family. She was a talented seamstress, and quilter, teaching her four daughters and many of her granddaughters these skills, and serving the Lord with them by making quilts for missions well into her 80s. She had a natural green thumb which helped to feed her family and beautify the lands she occupied throughout her life. She was a generous and helpful neighbor, still receiving visitors at her nursing home bedside, many years after she was able to visit, serve, or tend to any of them. She was blessed with good health for most of her life, but did suffer from a few strokes in her 70s, and fought back to a full recovery each time. She was the last of her generation, having seen all of her siblings pass on before her, her spouse, most of her friends and neighbors. She bore the grief of burying a son in middle age, two treasured son-in-laws, grandchildren. Yet she always persevered. She kept her quick wit and cheerful outlook until the end.

My heart bleeds today, but I know I am the better for having had the pleasure and honor to call this dear soul Grandma for these 39 years.

Praise the Lord, for He is Good!


11 thoughts on “My bleeding heart

  1. thinking of you! Never easy to lose a loved one but it sounds like your grandmother had a very full life and deserves her peace – you have many wonderful memories to carry in your heart

  2. It was a real blessing for you to have had her in your life for so long. It sounds as though she was a wonderful, loving and caring individual throughout her difficult life. I am sure that you will miss her terribly. What a long and fulfilled life she led in her 98 1/2 years. Until you meet once again, you will live with many memories as she rests from her labors.

  3. How blessed to know your wonderful grandmother.Her birthday huh? Today is my deceased sister’s birthday. She died just a month shy of her 23rd birthday – today she has been dead as long as she was alive.I’m so excited that she gets to meet your grandmother today!My grandmothers will both be excited to meet her too – as she sounds just like them – strong, determined farmwives of many talents and of great faith!!

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