A few check-offs

I’m a little under the weather this week, but I did manage to finish a few items, and check them off my list…some holiday and birthday gifts for nieces and nephews.
Some monogram pillows that I started at my last retreat…and a shot of the reverse side of the pillows…It’s hard to sew for a ten-year old boy, but I think this should work…
A not-too-little-girlish pillow for the twelve-year old niece…That girl with the pink umbrella looks just like her!
And some boy pillowcases….
complete with choppers and racecars…Certainly “manly” enough…

Thank you all for your sweet comments on the passing of my Grandmother. She and my Mom are responsible for my “crafty legacy”. I’m hoping to make a floral garden quilt to honor Grandma, I’ve always wanted to, and now I have extra motivation.


4 thoughts on “A few check-offs

  1. Those pillows and covers are just great…..I am sure they will be well received! My daughter was complaining the other day that her boyfriend has the audacity to put his head on the cushion I made for her….LOL…..I will be making one for him for Christmas…she is a bit precious about her things!!

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