My Christmas Newsletter…

or, My Year in Review, by Doris.

I mailed my cards this week, all 79 of them, and I’m always torn about including a “form” letter or newsletter, is it too impersonal? But it takes so long to write roughly the same thing 50, or 60 or more times…and yet, I hate to write nothing to the treasured friends I don’t have the pleasure of seeing or talking to on a regular basis…yet, people have such a love-hate relationship with the “Holiday Newsletter”… So, this is my concession, I included the link to this post in my Christmas cards so that, if interested, y’all could come here and read the news of what I’ve been up to this year. Since I’ve already written about my year in past posts, why not take advantage of that! So here, goes, I hope I can hold your interest and not waste too much of your precious December time! Click on the links for the photos, you don’t have to read all of those past posts! Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Holidays!

my new nephew, Jonah (born 10/23/08) and his “big” brother, Samuel (Dianne’s boys)

2008 was a year of great joy, welcoming new family members, sweet successes, fun events, and also a year that brought great sadness, saying goodbye to precious loved ones. But life will always have its ups and downs, without, it would be pretty boring, and Grandma would have been the first one to remind you of that!Four generations:
Dianne, Mom, Grandma, and Samuel

In March, I decided to start my blog, and my first post included a shot of the quilted growth chart I designed and made for Samuel’s nursery. I’m still working on getting some pattern designs out there, but the blog has been a wonderful adventure, allowing me to make friends all over the globe, gaining inspiration and motivation for my art every time I log in! And, about those nephews, and nieces, I do a pretty good job of spoiling them as much and as often as possible! I’m sure they are coming to realize the benefit of having an Auntie with no children of her own! Just look here, and here. I have no problem spoiling my friend’s children, either… One of them even became a client this year, commissioning me to do his bedroom.

Ted’s son, Robby, with his cousin and new playmate, Samuel

My sweetie and I celebrated our third anniversary together this summer, and his gift was actually his 2007 Christmas gift, finally finished after a long wait! Here’s a shot of it after final completion in August, modeled by his cat, Cato (or, Vanna, in this case!) I also posted about the gift I gave him for our first Christmas together, in 2005, it was late too, but only February that time! He and I did get to spend some quality time together this year, taking mini-weekend trips, and enjoying the outdoors together. We enjoy events and fun around Des Moines whenever we get the chance, too! What a PLACE! There is the fair, which took more than one post, art festivals, quilt walks, the museums, and this year, an International Quilt Show! And, lest you think I’m just a procrastinator, gifting Christmas gifts months after the fact, you should know there were other projects in there that had actual DEADLINES! Contest entries and such, and I was even a finalist in one of them!

I didn’t have much a chance to travel this year, which is always a little disappointing for a former globe-trotter like myself, but I did take a special birthday road-trip with my Mom in July. She and I enjoy many of the same things, and we always make great travel companions!

Since returning to Iowa nine years ago (eek! Has it really been THAT long!) I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to be around for friends and family events throughout the year, making it to birthday parties, christenings, monthly Girls Nights Out, holiday dinners, picnics, family reunions, all the good stuff I missed when I lived so far away! But the trade off is tough, I don’t get to see the wonderful friends I made in those distant homes, and I don’t get to talk them as often as I’d like. You know the refrain, we are all so busy…yada, yada. But, I want all of my friends reading this to know, you are never far from my thoughts and are always in my heart. I’m glad you’ve touched my life, and I can’t wait until we meet again!

God Bless you this holiday season!

Love, Doris


8 thoughts on “My Christmas Newsletter…

  1. Hi Doris. I know what you mean about the letter thing. Loved the generation picture! Sweet. The quilt is lovely too.Hey you were a winner on my blog. I’ll let you know what your prize is after the others choose. Sorry you were the last name picked! But you get something. I hope it is something you would want.

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