My Handmade Holiday 2008

As you know, if you’ve been here before, I made a pledge to myself to make as many handmade Christmas gifts as possible this year. Other than stocking stuffers, and some books, I bought very few gifts. The rest I made…

There was a rocket for Robby and one for Sam…

Pillowcases for the big boys, Tim and Michael…

A pillow for Leah, Matti, and Mike…

Wallhangings for the nieces….

Three more tablerunners in addition to the one I made for Marguerite, my Pink Christmas pal. These went to my Mom, Tonya, and Harriet….

Pajama pants for Toni, Lacy and Elice…

Personalized onesies for the newest addition…

Some handmade food gifts of Rice Crispy treat kits and Hot Chocolate Mix, courtesy of Lolly Chops….

I helped play Santa to my little friend Addison by helping to paint and decorate the dollhouse her Daddy made for her…

Did some baking using new recipes…and utilizing my recently thrifted cookie jar (love it!):

Wrapped lots of gifts, “Doris-style”, (my family would be glad to define that for you…) with help from Maggy, as usual…

Phwewwww….No wonder I’m a little tired these days! All in all it was a wonderful Holiday season, full of blessings, great company, good times, and yes, even some loot for me:

Don’t forget to visit my December 31st post and sign up for my giveaway…the table runner is nearly complete, so new photos coming soon!

Today is the Feast of the Epiphany, the day the newborn Jesus received his visit and gifts from the Kings. The word “epiphany” comes from the Greek epiphainen, a verb that means “to shine upon,” “to manifest,” or “to make known.” Thus, the feast of the Epiphany celebrates the many ways that Christ has made Himself known to the world, mainly the three events that manifested the mission and divinity of Christ: the visit of the Magi (Matthew 2:1-12), the baptism of Jesus (Mark 1:9-11), and the miracle at Cana (John 2:1-11). The visit of the Magi is emphasized on Epiphany Day, and Christ’s baptism is celebrated the first Sunday that follows.

Blessings to you all on this Holy day.


6 thoughts on “My Handmade Holiday 2008

  1. I’m so impressed with all that you made for Christmas this past season! Everything looks fantastic.Thanks for the reminder that today is the epiphany. We talked about that at church on Sunday, but I almost forgot today!

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