and Liberty for all…

I’ve long admired Liberty fabrics, from a distance, for I really only knew them by image and reputation. I love the Art Nouveau style prints like the thumbnail above (my favorite of the 2009 Spring collection) and of course, the iconic peacock feather design….
But until two weeks ago, I had NO IDEA how wonderfully soft, smooth, and truly fabulous they are! Katy sent me four pieces of Liberty fabrics to make her block for February of Sew Connected 2. Katy lives in England, home of Liberty, so it is a little easier for her to purcahse I’m sure. She also sent a lovely tan linen to use with the Liberty prints, and it came in the sweetest little linen gift bag (which I forgot to snap a pic of!). This is what I came up with:
I hope Katy likes her block. I certainly liked her fabrics. And thanks to Katy, I may go broke due to my newest obsession.


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