Creative Clips #6

This week I managed to get in a little sewing, I finished appliqueing the heart blocks…

Obviously, this quilt will have to be finished for St. Valentine’s Day 2010…

Sketched some ideas for setting them, and formulated a final plan in my mind…

Made this fun little Valentine for my Valentine…(not an original idea, I saw it on Craftzine, first)

It’s filled with some sweet sentiments, some funny things, and an inside joke or two…

It was a lot of fun to make, cost less than $5 and was so appreciated! It has a special place of honor on the nightstand next to his pillow.

We exchanged our handmade gifts on Friday the 13th, and my sweetie and I went to dinner at Django

Named after an idol of his…and offering up possibly the best french cooking I’ve ever had! (and that is saying something, since I actually spent a long weekend in Paris once!) The restaurant had French posters (advertisements and graphic design posters) throughout as artwork on the walls. I would have liked to shoot a pic of them all…but not wanting to annoy the patrons seated below them, I resisted. I did snap this one in the hallway to the water closet…

Less artistic than the others…but CHECK OUT THAT DRESS! The dress alone would have sold me on the new Frigidaire!


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