Needing to Give

I have been blessed. It is so true. Life is not perfect. That is so. But. I have never been homeless. I have never been truly hungry. I’ve always had clothing to keep me warm. I’ve always had clean bedding. And, even though I am experiencing some pains from the current economy, I still know where my next meal is coming from. I still have a door to unlock after I leave work tonight. I still have an office door to unlock again tomorrow morning. Many are not so fortunate. Many right here in my home country. I did a little something last week to support the Bushfire Appeal in Australia. I supported some other wonderful causes last year in Africa and South America. Sometimes, your heartstrings receive a little tug and you just know it’s right. You Need to Give.

Rachel posted last week about starting a project for teen mother’s in Appalachia, as a response to viewing, through tears, Diane Sawyer’s Hidden America broadcast. Rachel’s little project has blossomed into a wonderful response to a need for creature comforts…something as simple as a blanket for a baby. I’ve been looking for a deserving home for my little UFO gem I finished up a few months ago…

I now know in my heart, it was just waiting for the right time and place…


5 thoughts on “Needing to Give

  1. You are such a sweet heart! Some lucky baby will love it!PS Anytime you need a home for you quilts…(raising hand and jumping up anddown) you can just send them this way. I live in Alaska and it’s cold. Okay maybe a baby needs it more…schucks.

  2. Hi Doris Yes thank you and it was lovely , i had tried to leave a comment to let you know but blogger was being silly and wouldn’t let me !! I let Katy know and asked if she could let you know too and then sorry i have been so busy trying to catch up after a few family problems …. i promise to do a blog post this week showing everyone the lovely fabric you sent me !! I hope your package arrives soon our postal service is a bit odd things either arrive really quickly or take forever anyway please let me know if it hasn’t arrived soon x x Thank you soo much once again Sara x

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