A little nightcap

Well, this is a story about a different kind of nightcap, actually. A “nighttime hat” as a matter of fact.

No one is quite sure where (or when or why) he got the idea he needed a “nighttime hat”, but it was apparent after a few weeks of pestering Mom and Dad about it, that it was an idea that wasn’t going to go away. Mom and Dad started to ask some more questions about it and eventually determined that this was something that Aunt Doris could take care of. He drew a picture for me to go by…

There was some more discussion to help decipher his blueprint…and then, we planned a special shopping trip, just the boy and his Aunt Doris, to pick out some fabric…

That was last Wednesday night. He asked Thursday night and again on Friday night if he could call Aunt Doris to see if the hat was done. Mom and Dad said NO.

Aunt Doris stopped by Saturday morning to deliver the precious “nighttime hat”…. hooray!

He wore the hat ALL DAY long, and into the next day.

Life is good when you’re four years old.

***A little side note from Aunt Doris: This was his first trip to the fabric store, after we were there for about three minutes he looked up at me and said “this place is really cool…” I was a little choked up, and I have never been so proud.


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