March of the Tools…

Every craftsman/artisan has a favorite tool, right? Sewists are no exception. We usually have a favorite scissors, a favorite rotary cutter, favorite threads, favorite needles, favroite rulers, the list goes on and on. Well, I have one all time favorite, one I am pretty sure will still be in my posession at the end of my days. My Singer Featherweight.

I love this little machine. Not only is it iconic and cute, but this little baby pieces like no other. It sews like a dream and often produces a much nicer straight seam than many new, pricey machines. Mine was a freebie, given to me by my mother’s friend, Elaine, who inherited from her mother, the machines original owner. I don’t think Elaine ever sewed with it, she just owned it for several years after her mother passed away. It doesn’t have the leatherette case it originally came in, and I had to purchase the box of feet and accessories to go with it, but that’s okay. I still adore this little machine and use it for piecing often.


One thought on “March of the Tools…

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