Vintage View: Scrappy Strips

This is another one of the vintage quilts in my collection, it came from the collection that was gifted to me following the Iowa Floods of 2008.
These photos are not great, by any means, so I hope you can see the vibrant colors, bold prints and cheerfulness of this quilt, despite the less-than-spectacular photography.

I’m guessing most of the prints are 1950s and early 1960s (one has a visible selvege dated 1955).

I love the castle print (the red and green print at the center of the block above). The footprint print below is the one dated 1955.

There are fabric tears, but much of it is in really good condition. I’ve removed all of the “tie quilting” and am in the process of salvaging what fabric I can. In some cases, I can salvage entire blocks. Most of the red floral sashing is still good and can be upcycled into something else.

Isn’t that bold geometric print up there awesome?! And here’s a few more great shots of the castle print, complete with Lord and Lady…
and Carriages!
I wish I could salvage the entire quilt as it is, but there is damage to the back, and the sashing is torn in half at one point. Stay tuned to see what I turn these fabulous blocks into!


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