Vintage View: X String Quilt

I swear, one day soon I will get some photos taken and have things to post about! Until then, I’ll share another vintage quilt with you, from the “flooded house” collection. This one is a little sad as it has been literally loved and worn to shreds. But there is still some beauty there, and one or two blocks I can salvage into pillows:
I am really into “string quilts” these days, and am working with my scraps to create some of my own. I like the simple “X-block” setting of this scrappy string quilt.
It’s difficult to date this one, but I’m guessing early 20th century, quite obviously a utility quilt…
You can see a lot of the fabrics are almost completely disintegrated…
But the colors must have really been vibrant when it was new! It appears to be made from clothing scraps, lots of plaids and stripes, and all sorts of colors.
I’ll be back soon to post about some of the projects I’ve been working on and completing. I joined Jacquie’s Spring to Finish challenge for the month of April…
Just the extra boost I need to get some UFOs done!


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