A great week

I arrived home from work yesterday to a suprise package in the post… it was my Pay It Forward gift from Sue.

She obvisouly paid attention to my blog, ’cause this gift would make one think she knows me in “real” life! A lovely blue-green batik (!) fat quarter…with green leaves…. a green and aqua crocheted hot pad… chocolates (!!) in a green box… and (gasp!) lime green mugs from IKEA (!!!) I love me some green, amd that shade of lime green is too perfect! She also included a lovely greeting on a Rebecca Barker Quiltscapes card (love her work!) Thank you, oh so much, Sue…tonight I will be having tea in my new Ikea mugs with my tea pot resting on the lovely hot pad! This was the perfect hump-day pick-me-up!

Last night, we dyed Easter eggs with the nephews. The 18 month old was really into it, notice him there, double-fisting the boiled eggs. I think he would have liked to take his eggs and go play with them if we had let him.

We only did a dozen, it’s hard to keep a four-year old and a toddler engaged longer than that! But, us big kids had just as much fun. ;->

I love the Spring-time colors…

My good week continued this morning when I won 2nd row tickets to see one of my favorite performers! I already had tickets for Saturday night’s show, but they were no where near the second row…so one of my co-workers will be enjoying those seats.

I hope your week is going just as well as mine…

BTW…would any of my fine readers care to volunteer to be the recipent of my Pay It Forward package? The first one to offer in the comments will be the recipient, you simply have to agree to pay it forward to someone else through your own blog after your receive my gift.


2 thoughts on “A great week

  1. Doris, I’m glad you liked your goodies! Seemed like a good idea to get them out in time for Easter. Those are my FAVORITE mugs, a local candy shop, an old hot-pad pattern that is making the rounds again, and I figured, who couldn’t use a pretty fat quarter! And I’m glad it came so it was waiting for you when you came home from work. Thanks for playing!

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