Bunnies? Eggs? Christ on a Cross?!?

**Originally posted March 21, 2008–

I’ve always found the commercialization of, particularly the religious, holidays a little disconcerting, even if I do give in to the commercialization from time-to-time. I do have a cute bunny bowl I bring out this time of year, buy chocolate Easter eggs, dye eggs, make holiday cookies for my coworkers, and I have Santa decorations as well as a Nativity and a Crucifix–but why? Well, today I decided Google could probably answer that question for me. I found this tidbit about the traditions of Easter, and low and behold, the bunnies and eggs are the ORIGINAL symbols of Easter. Something I never knew, but hey, you learn something new everyday, right?

God Bless and Happy Easter!


One thought on “Bunnies? Eggs? Christ on a Cross?!?

  1. Yes, but I suspect you’ll be accused of blasphemy for suggesting it! ROFLOL! I took a college course some years back that looked at religion and history. It was interesting to learn that many of our Christian religious holidays were timed to replace pagan holidays–the celebrations could continue but the meaning behind them changed. But you know–everyone likes a good party, no matter WHAT the reason! LOL!

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