A Cute Diversion

I thought I would try and divert your attention away from the fact that Spring has gotten the best of me and my posts are way too few and far between. My diversion tactic? Pics of the cutest guests at my Easter Dinner on Sunday.

My brother’s son is the “big” guy in the middle…Mr. Nighttime Hat for those of you keeping score at home. The two little guys are my sister’s cutie-pies.

Jonah and Robby posed just perfectly, Sam was a little more interested in the box of crayons.
Hey, what happened to the third one? He just couldn’t take sitting for pictures any longer…

I made these “carrots” to add to the centerpiece decorations and as party favors for the boys. The idea came from here, I believe. Sam loves to eat, (even his real veggies) and he was super excited about these Goldfish carrots!

I’ll be back soon to post some of my project progress for Spring to Finish!


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