An Inspired Idea

I recently attended a Tour of Homes in my neighborhood, all were at least 100 years old. I ‘ve always been interested in architecture; ancient, historic, contemporary…you name it. I love architecural details; cornices, gargoyles, spires, shape, color… My surroundings fascinate me in even the smallest ways almost all of the time. I enjoy walking neighborhoods, because I notice details I never see even if I’ve driven by it dozens of times. I spent most of my childhood living in an 1880s home, with a porch like the one below, a stained-glass window in the open stairwell, an etched glass window on one of the exterior doors…and even though I believed the upstairs to be haunted for the first 5-6 years of my life there (I outgrew that belief) I loved the character of that home.
What I noticed in particular on the Tour of Homes were the lovely stained glass windows, both as part of the original architecture of the home…And as salvaged items used as decoration in the homes…They are all sort of quilt-like, aren’t they?
Simple lines…with beautiful colors and patterns…
And, I was totally amazed by these daffodil windows. Incredibly unique.
They sort of look like an applique quilt, don’t they?

I’m thinking I need to make a quilt inspired by the beauty of these windows. Keep your eyes open, for you never when inspiration might strike…


9 thoughts on “An Inspired Idea

  1. I've looked into making stained glass windows – sort of like a “crazy quilt” pattern. Bought the paint too, just haven't tried it yet.

    I agree – I see a lot of things that are Quilt Like!

  2. Oh I am with you – I love old houses (and am lucky enough to live in one) there are some nice stained glass panels around the front door one in the kitchen…..I took classes in leadlight/stained glass for a while and had fun with it..and then quilting took over my life…LOL…I was living in an area where quilting supplies were easier to source than glass……
    thanks for sharing the pics of some of the houses in your area…..

  3. Those are in my neighborhood! I love those houses. I think the 2nd one might be my boss's (unless it's the new bed and breakfast) … either way. Love the painted lady style houses and I love stained glass. I've been looking into buying a house in the Sherman Hills neighborhood. 🙂

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