A Dancing Frog in Deer Valley

Wow, if that post title doesn’t pique your curiousity, nothing will. My brother sent me these photos of my niece, Matti’s (age 5) dancing frog. How could I not share them?!
Yes, it is a real frog. And, yes, it is still alive. Apparently it had a date, but he escaped before Matti could force him to dance. The “girl frog” danced the afternoon away on a miniature parquet dance floor—nothing but the best for our Iowa frogs—in a skirt borrowed from Polly Pocket. I can just picture Matti working to get that skirt on him/her. You might think Matti has no actual toys, but I assure you that is not the case. Just a very unique and active imagination… as my brother puts it, “she is somethin’ else.”

And now for the Deer Valley, a block I made for Emily in my Sew Connected 2 group…the design inspired by the motifs in the fabric line


5 thoughts on “A Dancing Frog in Deer Valley

  1. So, has she asked you make a special outfit for the frog yet? I know you'd do a great job with a little project like that, especially after seeing your “insane” blocks!

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