And a little Pixie Dust…

Wow. I’ve done it again. Made a block to mail off that I like so much I don’t want to send it…. The last one was Tine’s Sew Connected 2 block. This one is being sent to Victoria in NYC for her Pixie Dust Gather charity quilt.

That is what I made last night. Love the lime green, and this is some great quality fabric. I’m also enjoying my birthday present that came in the big brown truck this week:

A new accessory for Pfannie the Pfaff. It’s a Dreamworld Sew Steady Table, 18″ x 24″ that gives me a large, level surface to hold what I’m sewing on while it moves through the presser feet. I can’t wait to try it while free-motion quilting!

Happy Sewing, friends!


5 thoughts on “And a little Pixie Dust…

  1. I have to agree with you – that block is to die for and a keeper! You should make another one for yourself. I want to order one of those table attachments for my machine too. Just seems like that extra work surface would make a big difference. Enjoy your new toy!

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