Studio 5(30)4…

No creating happened this weekend, but the sewing studio in my soon to be new “home” got painted a lovely shade of aqua and moving in will commence soon:
I so love that color! I’m not looking forward to moving all of my loot, but I have a period of six weeks to accomplish getting it all moved, so I can do a little at a time. And the fresh paint job in my studio and new bathroom definitely make the idea much more appealing! and I got to meet this little sweetheart…my grand-niece who made her first trip to Iowa this week. Look at those cute little curly toes! This is the recipient of my French Roses Quilt. She was born in May, and is a Tennessee belle. Hopefully, one day, she moves closer!


2 thoughts on “Studio 5(30)4…

  1. She's a little cutie! How nice to have her visit.
    I'm totally envious of anyone who can write about her “sewing studio.” I'm not so lucky. I still mainly sew on our dining room table. Maybe some day. Show us plenty of photos as the studio progresses. Love the color you painted.

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