G is For Giraffe

Thanks for visiting my entry in Amy’s 2nd Virtual Quilt Festival! If you’re visiting for the first time, I certainly hope you’ll come back again! This quilt is worth stopping by for…I promise!

My little sister is six years younger than me. She’s my only sister, the baby of the family, and, I like to say, the spoiled one of the bunch. :-> She’s always been an animal lover, she was forever in doggy mode or kitty mode as a little kid (on all fours acting like an animal and wouldn’t answer you in words if you tried to talk to her), and for years she used to answer the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”, with “A Giraffe!” She even went on an African Safari in her college years.
This is the ready-made “purchased” quilt, and valance…

Not surprisingly, when she had her first baby two years ago, she decided to decorate his nursery with jungle animals. She found a great set of *gasp* ready-made quilted bedding, so a nursery quilt wasn’t needed. But, the bedding was so cute, I decided it needed a matching quilted growth chart to decorate the wall… (click photos to enlarge)

The ruler is printed onto the fabric using my home printer, on 6″ squares which were then pieced together very carefully to make the measurements accurate. The numbers for the “feet” are appliqued, raw-edge applique. I drew the giraffe, his friends, and the plants freehand using the ready-made bedding designs as inspiration (although there is no giraffe on the original bedding!) and they are all satin-stitch applique. I made leaves for each of her boys that they use to “mark” their growth on the chart.

I entered this in the Des Moines Area Quilter’s Guild Show at the end of this month, so if you come to the Des Moines American Quilter’s Society show in a few weeks, you can see this in person!

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Enjoy the rest of the Festival!


64 thoughts on “G is For Giraffe

  1. So cute! Did you usae webbing for your applique? I'm just starting to branch out into applique and yours is beautiful.

    I think it's great how your sister grew up and held on to those same dreams. Good for her and Kudos to you.

  2. So glad I stopped by…you are so creative, talented and loving to do this for your sister's children and to continue her childhood inot their futures!

  3. Love the jungle theme, and was surprised when you confessed it was ready-made. Very nice. But your growth chart makes it exceptional. Lots of work on your part, but obviously worth it for someone special. Good on ya!

  4. What a cool quilt! It's so cute. I love the story behind it, especially that you drew the giraffe, his friends and the plants too. I bet your sister loves it too!

  5. Your growth chart you made for your nephew sure is cute! You were able to coordinate it so well to match the look in his room. Thanks for posting about this.

  6. Totally wish I could see that in person, it is adorable! What a great way to incorporate your memories of your sister into something for her daughter.

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