November. Thanksgiving Month. A time for being grateful. Something that I, for one, often fail to be. My four-year-old-nephew asks everyone around his dinner table to name two things they are thankful for. He’s done this the last three or four times I have dined at my brother’s home. What a great example set from “the mouth’s of babes”. So, I’m grateful for the children in my life, and their childhood innocence, that remind me, without even trying, to be grateful for the little blessings in my life.

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Don’t forget to be grateful, today!


2 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. that is such a beautiful idea. I'm sure that often we forget the positive aspects of life – I know I do – so here are some of my “be thankfuls”. I'm grateful for returning health after a surprise bout of pneumonia, for my lovely husband and his care, for my daughter, for sunny days and our beautiful garden,for the friends, virtual and otherwise, who brighten my life. Hope you're well and happy, Doris.

  2. November is my birthday month, so I love this month! It's funny how sometimes it can be hard to think of something to be grateful for, especially after having a rough day. So today, I would like to be thankful for the quiet sanctuary of my home and my husband!

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