Around the block…

For this first time this year, I fell a month behind in my virtual quilting bee, Sew Connected 2. I still owed Sonja her block for October. The ideas have been racing through my mind for this one since I first received her fabrics back in September (sandcastles, sandpipers, seashells, umbrellas, shovels & pails, fish…) But then I had to pack, move and then unpack, and catch up on a million other non-sewing related things…. you know the drill.

This weekend I finally caught up! Sonja is making an “at the beach house” quilt and was open to any and all techniques. She included a fun novelty print in everyone’s pack of fabric, I got sea turtles….
Sonja said she loves wonky squares, so I framed out two squares of the cute little turtle and seashell fabric, and used all of her fabrics in a striped band at the side, and added my own “sand-like” fabric in a raw-edge applique star fish…Since I made her wait for her block, I made her a bonus one:
Complete with appliqued sand dollar (my favorite thing to find at the beach!). Both blocks are 10.5″…Which brought me up to November, and Sudi-Laura’s blocks. She sent us Kona white cotton and asked us for a maverick star block using our scraps (clever girl!). I decided to spare a little bit of my Munki Martians and Ice Cream Trucks….
These were fun, I made two 9.5 ” blocks (just because the first one was so much fun to make!)…love that little alien “phoning home!”And the ice cream trucks….
Do you see the little guy and his teddy bear being pulled along by momma? Too cute! That Heather Ross is a cheeky gal!I look forward to seeing the quilts they create with their blocks! My month is coming soon (February!)…. and my new Bee starts up in January! 2010 is looking good…


One thought on “Around the block…

  1. These blocks turned out so cool! Your partner Sonja is going to love them for her beach house quilt. Such a great idea. And how nice of you to share some of your Heather Ross fabrics. I'm getting such great inspiration for the new Bee!

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