Two little monkeys…

I showed you my Curious George birthday shirts on Friday, and thought you might like to see a few shots of the party…the gift table (I should have gotten a much better shot of this as there was much more to it):

My sister (the Momma) and I decorated monkey cupcakes and yellow hat cookies the night before the party (and sampled WAY too much icing)…

Don’t you just love those Apple Jacks for ears?!? My sister had a Ziploc bag she brought out full of cereal, on it in Sharpie was written “Do Not Eat: Monkey Ears”; that really tickled my funny bone. The cupcakes didn’t turn out as well as our prototype, and the black icing ran on the hats by morning…but did anyone care? Of course not…

Least of all these two little monkeys…

It’s hard to photograph these two together, what with them being 13 and 24 months old, every shot is an action shot! The biggest hits in the gift pile were two wooden puzzles and a hammer and peg set from my brother and his family (way to go, Lesley!) who gave the big brother there directions not to use the hammer on his brother…

I just love that chubby little paw holding the peg!

And I LOVE you, my sweet little monkeys! Happy first and second birthdays!


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