Bagged another gift

My little sister had a birthday on October 8th, she asked me a few weeks before that to make one of my bags as her gift. I delivered, albeit a little late, this handbag on Saturday:
She actually gave me four of these pieces of fabric back in July for my birthday, so I used a little bit of them as inspiration for her bag. It’s based on the 10-strip Wonder Bag pattern, available from here… But of course, I changed it up a bit, ’cause…that’s what I do!
The photos don’t really show it (it’s November in Iowa, folks, no more true color pics until April or so…) but the fabrics are a deep eggplant, pumpkin orange, goldenrod yellow, and moss green–LOVELY Autumn shades!I have fabric to make a few more of these, but I have some holiday projects ahead of them, so it may be a month or two before I show you more bags!

Do you have a favorite bag pattern? I really do enjoy making them, and I love the utilitarian factor…


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